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Статья обо мне в "Чайна Дэйли", и она же на нескольких веб-ресурсах.
Копия содержания электронной версии. Ссылку вставить не получилось.
Фото печатного варианта тоже выложу, когда пришлют. Звездю тут помаленьку...;)))



  By Wendy Shi, Tingting Lu

  When Maria Gromakova first visited Xiamen in 2010, she never expected the city to be the launch point for a new journey in her life. "Xiamen is different from everything I have seen before," said Ms. Gromakova.

  "On the one hand you can have a calm, convenient, and comfortable life here, like in a village where the lifestyle is slow and everybody knows about each other," said Ms. Gromakova. "On the other hand you have everything you need in a modern city."

  Back in Russia, she was an actress, singer and flutist. After graduating from Saint-Petersburg State University, she taught Linguistics for seven years there. In Xiamen, she is teaching Russian language and culture in Xiamen University. Ms. Gromakova said that she cherishes her job and devotes herself to the creation of interesting classes. "I believe that learning through jokes and anecdotes is an easier way to remember serious things."

  Ms. Gromakova came to Xiamen both to teach and to explore new things. "In the city's streets you can find many handmade and traditional items for sale," noted Ms. Gromakova. "I love authentic Chinese objects and I am kind of addicted to the Chinese decorative style," she added.

  She is fascinated in particular by Nanputuo Temple and its traditional scriptures and decorations. She also has a taste for local foods, including oyster omelet and seafood noodle.

  Life in China for the better part of a decade has given Ms. Gromakova an understanding of the different cultures of China and Russia. "In China, a stranger feels comfortable asking your age, if you have a child or a boyfriend, or your salary," noted Ms. Gromakova. "In Russia you can never ask these questions."

  She has also discovered cultural similarities, such as New Year celebrations. "In Russia we also believe that one should enjoy the New Year with family and friends," she said. "If there is no food on the table or no family and friends around at that time, we think it forecasts a poor year," she added.

  Ms. Gromakova also shares Chinese culture and traditions with her Russian readers on her blog, which includes a detailed story about Xiamen's moon-cake game custom. "On Mid-Autumn Festival, even children in kindergarten are playing the game," she wrote. "It's a curious scene you can see nowhere else in China."

  Because of living in China for a long time, Ms. Gromakova's son acts like a local resident, right down to his taste for tea. "Even when he was three years old, he would go to the tea shop, sit down like an old man and let the girls serve him," she recalled. "And he always chose the most expensive tea!"

  Enamored of both China and Russia, she looks forward to a successful BRICS Summit. "It's a good opportunity for my students and the younger generation who are seeking a job," said Ms. Gromakova. "It's also beneficial to Xiamen because conferences and meetings at the international level are a good chance for the city to develop," she added.

  A long-time resident, she has no near-term plans to leave this city. "I am a big fan of Xiamen and I am not expecting anything better somewhere else because I already have the best."
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